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Upcoming Events

  • Wiffle Ball game Friday May 20 at 4pm at Palmer Field

  • SPS End of Year Banquet and Bar Crawl Thursday April 21 at 6:30 in the University of Michigan Museum of Art


  • Elections were held. Congratulations to the new board members!
  • Visit our facebook page for more updates!

New to SPS?

Visit the about us page for information on SPS.

How Do I Join?

Email sps-execboard@umich.edu to become a part of SPS
Or, come visit our offices at 1477 and 1481 Randall!

Officers for 2016-2017

President - Joey Golec
Vice President - Dennis Walsh 
Treasurer - Ezra Lesser
Secretary -Nita Kedharnath 
Tutoring Chair - Jared Dziurgot 
Social Chair - Alex Kavner
Co-Outreach Chair - Kim Sinclair 
Co-Outreach Chair - Bobby Tarchinsky
Advocacy Chair - Jacqueline Beechert 

Officers for 2015-2016

President - Isaac Mooney 
Vice President - Justin Paldowic 
Treasurer - Efrain Segarra 
Secretary - Jon White
Tutoring Chair - Jared Dziurgot 
Social Chair -
Pranav Rao 
Co-Outreach Chair - Joey Golec 
Co-Outreach Chair - Kaifeng Chen 
Advocacy Chair - Hannah Schamis

Officers for 2014-2015

President - Grant Renny
Vice President - Caleb Zerger 
Treasurer - Efrain Segarra 
Secretary - Faith Vowler
Tutoring Chair - Justin Paldowic
Social Chair - Jake DeBolt
Co-Outreach Chair - Jill Moreau
Co-Outreach Chair - Kaifeng Chen

Officers for 2013-2014

President - Nico Wagner
Vice President - Mary Hemmeter 
Treasurer - Isa Bonachera
Secretary - Kat Steih
Tutoring Chair - Steve Bassette 
Social Chair - Grant Renny 
Co-Outreach Chair - Yunjie Yang 
Co-Outreach Chair - Caleb Zerger