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Upcoming Meetings

Events will be listed on the calendar below once the schedule for the semester is finalized. All regular meetings will start at 6 pm on Thursdays in room 337 West Hall.


Past Meetings

Winter 2015

Jan. 13
Board Game Night
Jan. 27
Fred Becchetti - Nuclear Physics and its Applications
Feb. 10
Christine Aidala - High Energy Physics and the Strong Force
Feb. 24
Brian Arbic - Oceanography
Mar. 10
Robert Deegan - Complex Systems     
Mar. 24
David Lubensky - Pattern Formation
Apr. 7  
Carolyn Kuranz - High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics
   preceded by SPS Board Elections

Fall 2014

Sept. 16Mass meeting
Sept. 23James Wells - Energy
Oct. 7
David Gerdes - Astrophysics
Oct. 21CV & Personal/Research Statement Workshop- presented by Henriette Elvang
Nov. 4
Jennifer Ogilvie - Biophysics      
Nov. 18
Special Joint Lecture with Linguistics Club - The Physiology of Speech
Dec. 2  
Student Talks

Fall 2013

Sept. 17Mass meeting
Sept. 24Xiaoming Mao- Condensed Matter
Sept. 26Grad School Seminar- Myron Campbell
Oct. 1CV & Personal/Research Statement Workshop- presented by Henriette Elvang
Oct. 8Ryan Eustice- Robotics        
Oct. 22Tom Schwarz- Dark Matter detection
Nov. 5Fred Adams- Fate of the Unvierse
Nov. 19Robert Krasny- Computational Physics
Dec. 3Student talks

Winter 2013

Date Description
Jan. 29 Fred Becchetti - Nuclear physics - "Nuclear Physics: Inner Space to Outer Space"
Feb. 12 Christine Aidala - QCD
Feb. 26 Brian Arbic - Physical oceanography
Mar. 12 Poster Session
Mar. 26 Prof. David Lubensky
Apr. 9 Eric Bell- Aliens
Apr. 23 Elections and semester wrap-up

Fall 2012

Date Description
Sept. 11 Mass meeting.
Sept. 19 Grad School Orientation- presented by Myron Campbell.
Sept. 25 Keith Riles- gravitational waves.
Sept. 27 Grad Student Panel
Oct. 2 CV & Personal/Research Statement Workshop- presented by Henriette Elvang.
Oct. 9 Jim Liu- physics of music.
Oct. 23 Gordon Kane- Higgs boson.
Nov. 6 Prof. Jennifer Ogilvie- biophysics.
Nov. 12 [MON] Student-led lecture on the Physics of Sound and Speech, partnered with the Umich Linguistics Club.
Nov. 27 Nuria Calvet- Astronomy
Dec. 11 Student talks.

Winter 2012

Date Description
Jan. 10 Junjie Zhu and Jim Liu spoke about the UM-USTC Research Exchange Program.
Jan. 24 Mark Newman gave a talk titled, "Epidemics, Kevin Bacon, and the Internet: The Physics of Networks".
Feb. 7 Aaron Leanhardt gave a talk titled, "Quantum Projection Noise, Public Opinion Polls, and Your Two Cents".
Feb. 21 Joel Bregman (astrophysics) spoke about missing baryonic matter in the universe.
March 6 David Baker (philosophy) spoke about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.
March 20 Greg Tarle spoke about CREST: the Cosmic Ray Electron Synchrotron Telescope.
Apr. 3 SPS board nominations
Apr. 17 End-of-semester wrap-up, SPS board elections.

Fall 2011

Date Description
Sept. 20 Brad Orr spoke about the physics department and physics degree programs.
Sept. 27 Lecture:Mark Banaszak-Holl spoke about biophysics.
Oct. 4 Grad school workshop: Cagliyan Kurdak will be giving a talk titled "What is Grad School All About?"
Oct. 6 Grad school workshop: Grad student panel Q&A and discussion.
Oct. 11 Lecture: Aaron Pierce spoke about Particle Physics.
Oct. 13 Grad school workshop CV & personal statement workshop.
Oct. 25 Lecture: Jeremy Bassis from the Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science (AOSS) department gave a presentation.
Nov. 8 Lecture: Jim Liu will talked about high energy physics.
Nov. 15 Lecture: Tim McKay discussed physics education.
Nov. 29 Lecture: Cagliyan Kurdak gave a talk about micro gas chromotography.
Dec. 13 Student talks: Students presented about their own research.

Grad School Workshops

This semester, SPS is hosting series of grad school workshops. Slides from past presentations can be found on our resources page.


Besides being Planck's constant divided by 2π, h-bars are SPS social events! They can be movie nights, sports, picnics or anything SPS does just for fun. H-bars occur regularly throughout the school year and are planned by the social chair. For more information email