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Zone Meeting: Schedule

**Note that schedule is subject to change

Friday 2/21

5:00-11:00       Check-In

5:00-7:30         Board games, socialize, other activity

7:30 or 8:00     Dinner arrives

9:00-10:00       Chapter introductions

10:15-11:15     Planetarium and Observing


Saturday 2/22

9:00-9:30         Breakfast, set up posters, welcome remarks

9:30-10:10       Tim Chupp (U of M Physics)

                        The Physics of Baseball

10:20-11:00     Trond Myklebust

                        Physics career outside of academia

11:00-12:30     Lunch and Poster Session

12:30-12:45     Remarks from Dr. DJ Wagner (SPS national president)

1:00-1:40         Fred Becchetti (U of M Physics) 

                        Magic or Physics?

1:50-2:30         JD Smith (U. of Toledo Astronomy)

2:30-3:00         Wrapping things up

                        This will be the last official zone meeting event. All subsequent events are optional.

3:00-4:00         Contest of some sort

After 4:00         Hang out in Ann Arbor with UMich students