Blythe Moreland

Major: Physics, Mathematics

Year: 2013

What are you currently doing?: I am about to start my second year of the physics graduate program at The Ohio State University. I currently do theoretical biophysics research (and thankfully no one I work with cares about the sports rivalry thing).

How did you decide?: Even though I didn't have a concrete view of my career goals, I knew I wanted the training of a physicist. I was really looking forward to both components of graduate study: additional coursework and in-depth research. The core material is so fundamental and awe-inspiring, and the research allows me to also use mathematical and computational skills to go after a diverse array of problems with the intuition and rigor of a physicist.

How has physics helped you?: It's certainly helped me do well in a physics program! And I'm excited by the interdisciplinary efforts that physics is increasingly involved with (those incorporating biology, medicine, sociology, and others). I hope those continue to grow and I hope that my training helps me contribute to those. But maybe most significantly, physics is just so, so cool!

Favorite SPS memory(ies): Volunteering at Physics Palooza, and helping to design some SPS swag.

Contact info: bemore-at-umich-dot-edu