Research Opportunities

This page will list relevant research and industry opportunities for undergraduate students to apply to. This page will be updated as we find more opportunities to share.

REU Programs

Research Education Programs, also known as REUs, are open to students that are US citizens and are a way to explore research at another institution during the summer. No prior research experience is needed to apply, but is helpful in the application. Stipends and duration vary by the program, and application due dates vary by location but typically are beginning of February. To explore the different eligible institutions and apply visit the NSF website: NSF REU website

ACCESS Cyberinfrastructure Student Training Program

ACCESS Operations is launching its Student Training and Engagement Program (STEP)! STEP will function as a three-phase program intended for undergraduates or early-career graduate students interested in pursuing careers in cyberinfrastructure. The first phase, STEP-1, is a two-week, in-person experience in Miami, May 2024. It’s open to all, including younger students with less experience. Students who complete STEP-1, have at least 60 credit hours under their belts, and want to advance further toward a career in cyberinfrastructure can then move on to the second phase of the program, STEP-2, which is a full-time, paid summer internship. The third and final phase of the program, STEP-3, is for those looking for a year-round, part-time, paid internship experience. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2024. Hear first-hand about the 2023-24 STEP experience from past STEP cohort members here. Students interested in applying can learn more and apply here

Michigan State University Nuclear Summer Science School 

The Nuclear Summer Science School is a summer school aimed to introduce undergraduate students to nuclear science and astrophysics fields, hosted by FRIB on MSU campus. There will be lectures and various activities for attendees to go to. The program will run from May 12-18 with an application deadline of February 23rd at 5pm.  All physics, astronomy, and chemistry undergraduate students are eligible with preference given to those that have taken up to physics 390. Travel and logding is covered. To learn more about the program and apply use the following link: MSU Nuclear Summer Science School

Computational HEP Graduate Training Program

Northern Illinois University and University of Illinois-Chicago are partnering together to create a two year graduate program geared towards physics and computer science students with interest in particle physics. The program is open to students that are US citizens or students with permanent residence in the US. To learn more about the program use the following link: Computational Masters Program

Realta Fusion Research Internship

Realta Fusion focuses on developing compact magnetic mirror fusion energy systems to address tackling global climate change through sufficient energy supply. Interns hired will do work on construction, installation, and operation of superconducting Axisymmetric Mirror (WHAM) experiment. The program is open to students that can work on-site in Stoughton, WI as well as Madison, WI with preference given to those with background experience in coding or using hardware tools. For more information on the program and to apply use the following link: Realta Fusion Internship