Mentoring Program with SWIP

SWIP and SPS are proud to announce the creation of a graduate-undergraduate mentoring program for students interested in physics-related fields. This program is open to anyone regardless of gender and we will strive to match graduate or upper-level-undergraduate mentors with mentees based on research interests, hobbies, or any other relevant experiences or identities.

Are you an undergraduate student majoring in or considering majoring in a physics related field?

Do you have questions about what classes to take, getting into research, what it’s like to major in physics or go to graduate school? Is there anything else that you’d like to discuss with a more senior physics student? You can request a meeting with a mentor by filling out this form.

Are you a graduate student or upper-level undergraduate student who would be willing to serve as a mentor?

You can volunteer by filling out this form.

All program participants are expected to abide by the SWIP code of conduct. In the interest of making this program a positive experience for everyone, mentees will be given the opportunity to submit confidential feedback after meeting with their mentor. In addition to allowing us to address any issues that may arise, this will also give us the ability to recognize participants who are particularly awesome!

We have compiled some resources for mentors into a google doc, which we plan to continue to add to over time.

Questions about the program can be directed to Communications with this address, as well as submissions to the above forms, can only be accessed by mentoring program coordinators and will be considered confidential unless you note otherwise. The current mentoring program coordinators are Jessie Muir (jlmuir) from SWIP and Jacqueline Beechert (beechert) from SPS.