We are going to have help hours in the SPS Lounge (Randall 1477) for all your Python related questions!

Fridays 10 am to 12 pm, 1477 Randall

Private Physics Tutors

The Society of Physics Students maintains the list of tutors below to connect students in need of assistance with individuals who are able to help. SPS does not specifically recommend, endorse, or vet any of the tutors listed here; we only list those people who have told us they provide tutoring services. SPS makes no guarantees and offers no specific endorsements. Tutoring is a private arrangement between you and the tutor. 

The Help Room services are free and available to any students who walk in. The Help Room may not be used for private tutoring during the normal hours of operation. 

Per hour costs vary by tutor. You should always verify your "contract" with your tutor beforehand and plan to pay at the time you receive the tutoring. Communicate openly about your needs, including the duration of tutoring you anticipate and the frequency of sessions. 

If you would like to be listed as a tutor please contact the SPS board at sps-execboard (at) umich.edu

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