Nico Wagner

Major: Physics, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Astronomy & Astrophysics

Year: 2014

What are you currently doing?: I will be attending Harvard University to get a PhD in biology (molecular & cellular) from September 2014 until (presumably) May 2019.

How did you decide?: After having done research in both physics and biology, I found that I enjoyed biology research more than physics research. It was more hands-on and my particular biology interests were more applicable to real life than my physics interests.

How has physics helped you?: By also having a physics degree with physics research experience, I was able to differentiate myself from the rest of the biology PhD application pool. Without this extra degree, I probably would not have been accepted to all of the programs to which I was offered admission.

Favorite SPS memory: Doing an all-out demo show for ~100 6th graders visiting from Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School.

Contact info: nicowa-at-umich-dot-edu