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Student Talks (Thursday 11.8.2018 6-7:30pm)

Grant -

Title: Continuous Gravitational Wave Simulations

Abstract: Following the recent discoveries of gravitational waves from merging compact binaries, searches are now underway for new astrophysical signals. The development and role of efficient simulations in the search for continuous waves from isolated pulsars will be discussed.

Brian -

Title: Laser locking in quantum optics

Abstract: In this presentation I will be explain about my research with Prof. Alex Kuzmich and my involvement in setting up a magnetic optical trap. I will explain my work on laser locking by recounting my experience with different apparatus from laser manufacturers in order to lock on to different transitions of rubidium. I will also cover some basic knowledge of laser locking as well.

Alexis -

Title: Muon Spectrometer Upgrade for the ATLAS Experiment at CERN

Abstract: The BIS78 (derived from the ATLAS muon system naming convention) upgrade project extends the trigger coverage of the muon spectrometer in the barrel-endcap transition region. It is intended to reduce the frequency of fake triggers that emanate from the endcap shielding materials- an integral part of keeping the muon spectrometer within trigger budget. The upgrade will be installed in Long Shutdown 2, during which the LHC will suspend data taking in order to implement Phase I of the experiment upgrade. In addition, the upgrade serves as a pilot project for the Phase-II upgrade of the LHC, which proposes the replacement of all ATLAS inner barrel resistive plate chambers. Over the last several months, a “vertical slice” test has been staged at the CERN BB5 facility, which tests the compatibility of all components in the data generating chain.

Andrew -

Title: Fourier Transform Spectrometer Characterization in CMB Measurements

Abstract: The Cosmic Microwave Background, known as the CMB, is remnant electromagnetic radiation from the early stages of the universe. As a part of observing the CMB, a Fourier Transform Spectrometer, known as an FTS, is essential in creating a bandpass to calibrate our detectors before making measurements of the CMB. My research involves designing and constructing a positioning system that can orient the FTS in various dimensions in order to create the bandpass necessary for CMB measurements.

Max -

Title: Computational and Analytical Normal Mode Analysis of angstrom scale Gold Nanoparticles

Abstract: A theoretical exploration of the interactions between nanoparticles commonly described by Deryagin-Vervey-Landau-Overbeek (DLVO) potential combining van der Waals force and double layer force was undertaken. We found that the DLVO potential validated for micron-scale particle cannot adequately describe the interactions of the nanoparticles due to the nanometer scale of the characteristic distances involved. Using potential mean force data acquired from steered molecular dynamics simulations allowed for the use of computational and analytical methods to find eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the Hessian matrix for different nanoparticle chains, delivering the various normal modes and their oscillatory frequencies.